Disadvantages Of Using Mobile Phones For Long Hours In Your Health

In this modern era more of the people use Smartphone’s for long hours, like a mobile phone is the best friend of people. We know that there is more of benefits of using mobile phones but if you use phones for long hours continuously. It can cause too many problems, which can be harmful to your health and life. You can read some of the disadvantages of using mobiles for long hours that are given below.

  • Brain cancer

Mobile phones lead to brain cancers, as phones emit high radio frequency energy which directly effects on the human brain. A human brain cannot handle the high amount of radio frequencies which leads to problems like brain cancer. It is harmful to many Childs, as in this generation the child uses mobile phones as compared to adults.

  • Increase stress level

As more of the people get dependent upon the mobile phones to do online work. With more dependent situations they get more stressed. When a user is doing any work on mobile, and suddenly notification of low battery comes, a user feels so stress and angry. Mobile phones cause many more problems in many ways that a user cannot imagine. It increases the stress and angriness level in human body.

  • Vision problems

Using mobile phones for long hours can decrease your eyesight level. It leads to many vision problems. If you use mobile phones for long hours, you can decrease your vision power. An exposing your eyes to lights of mobile phones in a day can be harmful to your eyesight and health. Many more students have weak eyesight as they use phones for long hours while they play games and using the internet.

  • Decrease thinking power

Having games, movies in your mobile phones keep you busy always; it plays an essential part in our daily lives. More of peoples cannot think more while they are doing any work as their all concentration is on mobile phones. They always think that when they get free and use phones, it decreases their thinking power. People cannot live without cell phones as they pass their more time by using phones. It is harmful to their health, and it decreases their thinking level.


As you read the above disadvantages of using phones for long hours, it is harmful to your health. Mobile phones are beneficial for everyone if you use them in a limited time.

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